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We manage your cybersecurity and data privacy risk so you can focus on your core business

Organisations are making substantial investments in cybersecurity and data privacy in a bid to protect increasing quantities of sensitive data whilst maintaining compliance with data protection regulations such as the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

As cyber attacks and data breaches continue to grow, many businesses lack the resources and internal skill sets to secure their critical information assets, whilst grappling with complex technology stacks and a fragmented regulatory landscape.

MOD1 delivers industry-leading cybersecurity, privacy, risk management and regulatory compliance consulting services to organisations in the digital life sciences sector.

We design our solutions to safeguard against data breaches, loss of revenue, damaged reputation, operational downtime and legal liability.

Our tailored approach aligns to your individual risk profile and organisational objectives. We employ a comprehensive risk assessment methodology that delivers optimum results, maximises return on investment and releases internal resources to focus on the growth of your core business.

If you’re ready to learn more about our bespoke services, schedule a free consultation with a MOD1 cybersecurity, data privacy, risk and compliance consultant today.

Our Services

Bespoke cybersecurity and privacy consulting services that help safeguard your sensitive personal data and critical business information assets

MOD1 Consulting - Basel - IT & Cyber security consulting

Our Company

MOD1 AG offers a suite of industry-leading cybersecurity, data privacy, and compliance consulting services that diminish risk and maximise return on investment

Why MOD1?

MOD1 AG offers a suite of industry-leading cybersecurity, data privacy and compliance consulting services that diminish risk and maximise return on investment. Our success is founded on ethics, agility, credibility and execution excellence – these guiding principles ensure we deliver consistent value to our clients. Our accredited subject matter experts are accustomed to working in highly regulated business sectors, such as digital life sciences and financial services, where the protection of critical information assets is key to the achievement of organisational objectives.

Our Promise

What to expect from a MOD1 engagement

Our structured approach ensures consistent and measurable results.

Our subject matter experts are professionally certified and committed to continuous learning and professional development.

We focus on critical information assets for the efficient, cost-effective reduction of risk.

Work with us to build your cybersecurity and data privacy programs from the ground up or as a complement to your existing capabilities.

Our customised GRC software provides dashboards, metrics and management reporting.

We select controls from multiple frameworks and tailor or solutions to your organisational risk profile and business objectives.

Trusted by multinational corporations in highly regulated business sectors

Our founder and CEO is a multi-domain expert with over 20 years of experience designing, executing and managing cybersecurity and data privacy projects for multinational telecommunications, financial services, intergovernmental, and digital health corporations.

Emily Luvison, Genentech
Principal Lead, Cybersecurity Compliance Digital Health Technologies

Dylan is a pleasure to work with and would be an excellent addition to any organisation's security, privacy and risk management efforts. His approach pairs in-depth technical expertise with a strategic mindset to drive comprehensive, scalable and impactful solutions.

Roche Information Solutions
Head of Cybersecurity, Privacy, Risk Management and Compliance

Mr Johnston possesses excellent specialist knowledge and extensive professional experience in his area. He has a highly analytical, conceptual and pragmatic mindset. We were very satisfied with the quality of his work. The quantitative results were remarkable.

United Nations International Computing Centre
Head of Network Support Unit

Dylan is a team player with excellent organisational skills. He is hard-working, responsible, polite and honest. I highly recommend Dylan and am convinced that he would be an asset to any organisation.

Diabetes Care
Ascensia Diabetes Care
Director of IT Security and Risk Management

Mr Johnston has excellent professional skills which he applied very successfully. He worked productively and efficiently to achieve high-quality results.

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John Dunne
Chief Product Officer
MOD1's guidance and participation throughout the audit engagement helped assure the auditors that we are taking the appropriate measures to protect sensitive personal data and business information assets. We highly recommend MOD1 as a trusted partner for providing cybersecurity, privacy, risk and compliance consulting services.


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