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Cloud Security Audit

Formal analysis and evaluation of your cloud environment, identification of areas for improvement and detailed recommendations for compliance with applicable data protection regulations and industry best practice.

Independent review and validation of your AWS, Azure or GCP security and privacy posture

A cloud security audit plays a key role in identifying vulnerabilities in your cloud architecture and helping you steer clear of a damaging security breach when you least expect it. With the risk of unanticipated cyber security attacks steadily increasing, businesses are taking a variety of measures to protect their data. If your organisation stores sensitive data in the cloud, you can’t risk leaving your systems exposed to a potential security breach.



At MOD1, we offer professional cloud security auditing services to protect your company’s sensitive data. Our cloud security consultants work assiduously to identify hidden vulnerabilities. We perform a detailed analysis and assessment of the access management, network security, encryption, third-party vendor security, vulnerability management, logging and monitoring, incident response and business continuity planning of your cloud infrastructure and applications. Based on the results of our findings, we provide comprehensive recommendations to better protect your critical information assets, and increase data confidentiality, integrity and availability.



Our cloud security consulting services are recommended for businesses that are looking to gain assurance of their existing cloud infrastructure security posture and implement timely measures to prevent potential damage. By taking proactive remedial action, you can maintain your company’s reputation and continue to build customer trust. If you’re ready to get started, schedule a free consultation today.

Cloud Security Audit Benefits

Tailored Approach

No two organisations are the same, which is why we tailor each implementation to the size, complexity, risk appetite and budget of each and every client.

Certified Expertise

Our consultants are professionally certified in Cloud security (CCSP, CCSK, AWS Security Specialty).

Measurable Results

Our structured implementation strategy and well established methodology ensures consistent, repeatable and measurable results.


Our phased approach facilitates efficient implementation whilst taking into account each client’s individual requirements.

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Trusted by multinational corporations in highly regulated business sectors

Our founder and CEO is a multi-domain expert with over 20 years of experience designing, executing and managing security and privacy projects for multinational telecommunications, financial services, intergovernmental, and digital health corporations.

MOD1 Consulting - Basel - Emily
Dylan is a pleasure to work with and would be an excellent addition to any organisation's security, privacy and risk management efforts. His approach pairs in-depth technical expertise with a strategic mindset to drive comprehensive, scalable and impactful solutions.
Emily Luvison, Genentech
Principal Lead, Cybersecurity Compliance Digital Health Technologies
MOD1 Consulting - Basel - Roche
Mr Johnston possesses excellent specialist knowledge and extensive professional experience in his area. He has a highly analytical, conceptual and pragmatic mindset. We were very satisfied with the quality of his work. The quantitative results were remarkable.
Roche Information Solutions
Head of Cybersecurity, Privacy, Risk Management and Compliance
MOD1 Consulting - Basel - IT & Cyber security consulting
Dylan is a team player with excellent organisational skills. He is hard working, responsible, polite and honest. I highly recommend Dylan and am convinced that he would be an asset to any organisation. .
United Nations International Computing Centre
Head of Network Support Unit
MOD1 Consulting - Basel - ASCENSIA
Mr Johnston has excellent professional skills which he applied very successfully. He worked productively and efficiently to achieve high-quality results.
Ascensia Diabetes Care
Director of IT Security and Risk Management
MOD1 Consulting - Basel - BIS
Mr Johnston demonstrated flexibility and worked hard in order to achieve high-quality results. He carried out all responsibilities with commitment and professionalism.
Bank for International Settlements
Deputy Secretary General


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