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Security, privacy, risk and compliance services that minimise risk and maximise return on investment.

Personalized Security, Privacy, and Compliance Solutions for Your Business

Our Solutions

Security, privacy and compliance solutions tailored to the business objectives of your organisation

Research has shown that the majority of companies lack confidence in their cyber security measures. Insufficient protection can put your business at risk of a critical data breach or debilitating cyber security attack that can take several months or perhaps even years to fully recover from.



MOD1 are committed to helping you grow your business by putting security, privacy, and compliance first. Our solutions are designed to help improve protection across the board. Our tailored, risk-based approach aligns to the business objectives of your organisation for the cost-effective reduction of information risk.



Our cyber security and data privacy consultants run comprehensive audits that identify and minimise vulnerabilities to a wide range of cyber threats, including unauthorised access, DDoS, phishing, MITM, ransomware, malware attacks, among countless others. We also conduct detailed appraisals of your policies, processes and procedures to create a set of specific and actionable recommendations for improvement.



Whether you opt for our consulting services, ISMS implementation services, cloud security audit, or HCP security assessment, you can rest assured that your company will get the protection it needs. Schedule a free consultation to learn more about our suite of cyber security, data privacy and compliance consulting services.  

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