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Protect your patients' sensitive data

As a healthcare professional, you always strive to help your patients. This includes that you always want to protect your patient data, which is among the personal data most worthy of protection, from unauthorised access by third parties in accordance with data protection.  

You achieve this through a series of technical and organisational measures that comply, particularly with the Swiss Medical Association (FMH) minimum standards for information security in medical practices.

Common Challenges

Unless appropriate safeguards are in place, your medical practice is at increased risk of data breach, loss of revenue, damage to reputation, loss of business and legal liability.

To help you focus on your core business of treating patients, MOD1 is here to help you with cybersecurity and data protection.

Are you ready to secure your patients' data?

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Feedback from Customers

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"Of course, nobody is perfect, so the assessment carried out with MOD1 has also revealed various data protection gaps in my practice.

In the first moment, these shocked me; in the second, I decided to consider this "diagnosis" as a challenge and to work on the best possible "therapy". So I classified my practice as a "patient" needing therapy with the problem of "data protection."

- Dr Birte Jentsch, Specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics FMH

The MOD1 HCP Security and Privacy Assessment

We firmly believe that every medical practice can both meet the FMH requirements and comply with the more stringent data protection requirements of the revised Federal Data Protection Act (FADP).

However, we know that it can seem daunting to take the initiative to implement the numerous obligations and recommendations. Especially if your organisation lacks the appropriate internal expertise to identify, assess and correct such deficiencies in your existing information security functions.

That's why we developed the MOD1 Security and Privacy Assessment for Healthcare Providers.

Your benefits of a risk assessment:

Identifies gaps and potential for improvement

Shows the FMH requirements that you have successfully implemented

Enables a detailed assessment of where you stand on the security of the practice's IT environment

Provides information about critical problem areas

Increases employees' awareness of information security and privacy best practices